Pandoh Dam In Manali – Your Background For A Perfect Selfie

Image Credit-Shailenguleria3

Lofty, green mountains surrounding an endless stretch of water – nothing can better this backdrop for that perfect travel selfie. On your way to Manali you will come across the huge Pandoh Dam. Built on river Beas in 1977, the primary purpose of the dam is to generate hydroelectric power. The dam has five bays to control the flow of water. This is the point where the water of river Beas is directed into river Sutlej. A short ride from De Vivendi Resorts, Manali can take you to the picturesque Pandoh Dam. Rated among the best resorts in Manali, De Vivendi itself on personalised service. We can help you plan your itinerary and also arrange a cab for sightseeing.

Stop by the dam to see water gushing out of the bays with a majestic roar. In contrast to water cascading through the dam is the placid lake behind it. The reservoir of the Pandoh Dam stretches endlessly and forms a serene sight. It is surrounded by lush green mountains. The calmness of the lake is soul-soothing and can relax your mind.

The striking beauty of the Pandoh Dam forms the perfect photo-op during your holiday. You will cherish the fond memory of this place down the years. Also carry home pleasant memories of the time spent at De Vivendi Resort gazing over the lofty peaks of the Himalayas from your warm, snug bed.

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