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Manali is the starting point to an picturesque trek to the Bhrigu Lake. Located at an elevation of 4240 meters above sea level, the Bhrigu Lake is one of the most scenic spots near Manali. However, the trek can be quite exhausting. Hence, ensure you are well-rested and acclimatised before embarking on your journey. De Vivendi Resorts, the best resort in Manali, offers luxurious accommodation and best-in-class facilities for a comfortable stay.

The nearest village to Bhrigu lake is Gulaba, from where you should start your trek. The path will lead you across dense pine forests and spectacular meadows. Also pass by streams, rivulets and mountain ridges. The beauty of the way continues to increase as you make the ascent towards the lake.

Just 6 kms in area, the lake and its surroundings offer one of the most vivid landscapes near Manali. Click photographs as vibrant as picture postcards or just enjoy the breath-taking beauty and tranquility of the place. Believed to be the meditation spot of Rishi Bhrigu, the lake also holds spiritual significance and is visited by pilgrims too.

While climbing down, the magnificence of the Kullu valley will unfurl in front of you. By the time you come back to De Vivendi Resorts, we will have hot food and a warm room ready for you. In our snug ambience, soothe your tired body while chatting excitedly about the sheer abundance of Nature you experienced during your trek.

The staff at De Vivendi Resorts can help you with more details about the trek. Let us know if you need any tip or want us to arrange a cab till Gulaba.