Top Must Do Activities With Your Family In Manali 2

Here we are again with our next set of our favourite “Places of Interest in and around Manali”:

1. Jagatsukh Temples

jagathsukh temples

image source: Pdhang, Wikipedia

Amongst the many temples in Jagatsukh which attract much visitors, Shiva temple is the main attraction. Believed to be built around 8th century, this temple is about 6 kms from Manali, making it an ideal quick getaway with family to explore around Manali.

2. Bathing in hot springs

Vashisht temple

image source: Balajijagadesh, Wikipedia

Manali has about 5 hot water springs which attracts pilgrims and tourists alike. These hot water springs said to have many medicinal properties other being connected to Hindu Mythology. Vashist hot springs is the ever famous one, the others are: Manikaran, Tattapani, Khirganga and Kasol hot springs.

3. Malana – The lost Utopia


image source: Jaypee, Wikipedia

About 14 kms from Kasol, Malana is one of those isolated places with placid nature beauty. The locals believe they are the descendants for Alexander the Great himself! Beware! Malana is the village of Taboos! The moment you are in the village, you are not supposed to touch anything there and one shall be fined if caught doing so! Although you can move about freely! A day trek exploration to the village Malana is surely to set you and your family liberated!

4. A day’s trip to Rohtang Pass

Rohtang pass

image source: Miya.m, Wikipedia

About 51 kms from Manali, a drive to the ever scenic Rohtang Pass with your family is certainly a fun filled event. The pass sits at an elevation 13,051 ft above sea level. It connects Manali to Sarchu and Lahoul valleys.

5. Shopping in Manu Market

 Manu Market

image source: Kiran Jonnalagadda, Wikipedia

One does not just leave Manali without visiting this ancient Manu Market! From German Bakery to Desi chat corner, from exotic fruits to excellent clothes, this market has it all. Why wouldn’t it be? Manali is the beginning point of the ancient trade route to Ladakh afterall!

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