The Hot Springs Of Himachal

The beauty of Himachal Pradesh is beyond words. The captivating beauty of the Pir Panjal range, the serene view of lush green pine trees against clear blue skies, the spirituality of ancient temples and Buddhist monasteries, and the swiftly cascading river Beas – all paint an idyllic picture of Himachal. What adds to the charm...
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Have An Amazing Vacation

A long drive on winding roads, the serenity of a monastery, solo hiking, snowball fighting with your partner, building a snowman with kids, or a cup of hot tea in freezing temperatures – What makes your vacation truly amazing? See all of this come together at De Vivendi Resorts. This summer, beat the heat, pack...
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Best Time To Visit Manali

Manali is a beautiful hill station in the lap of the majestic Himalayas. Located near Kullu in Himachal Pradesh, this quaint town is easily accessible by road from nearby cities. While the town itself is a picturesque destination and a tourist’s paradise, it also forms the base camp for various other interesting spots such as...
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Top Must Do Activities With Your Family In Manali

The ever-popular Manali, nestled at the end of Kullu and about 250 km from Shimla has much to offer than just a tourist attraction. Manali is not only known for its ample natural, serene surroundings but also for its rich Indian cultural heritage which is also said to be home to Saptarishis. The name Manali...
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Top Must Do Activities With Your Family In Manali 2

Here we are again with the next set of our favorite “Places of Interest in and around Manali”: 1. Jagatsukh Temples Amongst the many temples in Jagatsukh which attract many visitors, Shiva temple is the main attraction. Believed to be built around the 8th century, this temple is about 6 km from Manali, making it...
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Best Honeymoon Destination In India – Manali

Solitude and serenity – if that’s what you’re looking for in your honeymoon, then Manali is your perfect destination. The mesmerizing beauty of the lofty Himalayas, rolling green meadows, crystal clear Beas river cascading over rocky terrains, and rows of pine trees – feel the abundance of Nature at one of India’s most famous hill...
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Pandoh Dam In Manali – Your Background For A Perfect Selfie

Lofty, green mountains surrounding an endless stretch of water – nothing can better this backdrop for that perfect travel selfie. On your way to Manali, you will come across the huge Pandoh Dam. Built on River Beas in 1977, the dam’s primary purpose is to generate hydroelectric power. The dam has five bays to control...
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Enjoy An Adventurous And Breath-Taking Trek To The Bhrigu Lake

Manali is the starting point for a picturesque trek to the Bhrigu Lake. Located at an elevation of 4240 meters above sea level, Bhrigu Lake is one of the most scenic spots near Manali. However, the trek can be quite exhausting. Hence, ensure you are well-rested and acclimatized before embarking on your journey. De Vivendi...
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